I’ve learned a lot of things while doing this website. I’ve read a lot of new things and I think I will be implementing some of the things that are I put in here. I am hoping that this website can help you too like it helped me.

While I was helping in my father’s farm, I thought why not make a website that can help me, as well as the readers, learn new and improved stuff about small farms. I’ve encountered a lot of websites that talks about small farms too which help me make my website.

You can visit smallfarm, this website has a lot of helpful articles. I’ve learned what organic means and they also gave some tips on how to take care of small farms, like ours. I’ve also read that we can not only eat our crops and products but also we can also sell them and we even make a specialty shop for them in front of our small farm.

This website smallfarmsmanitoba answered all my questions about our chickens’ diets. I even learned a thing or two about cows/beefs’ meat. And now I am thinking of expanding and buying a few cows for our farm.

small herb garden

small herb garden

I’ve learned how to make a small herb garden from this website, rodalesorganiclife. The writer wrote about a step by step process in which I can make a small herb garden beside our kitchen. My mother was ecstatic when she saw what I did and she even made my favorite meal after that, which is her chicken noodle soup.

Our farm is not that big, but my father’s hard work is in this farm which I value the most. All of our vegetables came from this farm and I can safely say that our products are organic because me and my dad id the one taking care of them.